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A Look at the Most Pressing Cloud Challenges That Businesses Face

Cloud computing presents companies of all sizes with the unique opportunity to undergo total digital transformation. The benefits of migrating to the cloud are undeniable—from security enhancements to simplified disaster recovery, your business can use the cloud to improve almost every function or process. Despite the many advantages of cloud computing, it can also pose… Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know about Infor CloudSuite

In 2014, enterprise software provider Infor debuted one of its most innovative products, Infor CloudSuite. This groundbreaking cloud-based product has since delivered an array of industry-specific solutions to organizations around the globe. With more than 8,500 customers and 71 million users, Infor CloudSuite enables businesses of all sizes to streamline multiple operations and processes through… Continue Reading

A Look at 5 of the Top Cloud Myths

The cloud is perhaps one of the most well-known technological innovations in the world. With its popularity, however, has come much discussion about its various benefits, shortcomings, and abilities. Though the cloud is now one of the most widely used technological platforms, its complexity has given rise to a number of myths regarding its most… Continue Reading

4 of the Best Industries for Military Veterans

According to the most recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey on veteran employment, the nationwide rate of Gulf War-era II veterans who are unemployed fell from 5.8 percent to 5.1 percent between 2015 and 2016. Among the entire network of 20.9 million military veterans, the unemployment rate sits at only 4.3 percent. Statistics… Continue Reading

7 of the Most Important Military Leadership Skills to Use in Business

As military personnel begin to transition back into civilian society, they must consider which career path that they will pursue. Many of these individuals seek employment in the business sector, which presents numerous opportunities for them to call upon their military experiences and the skills that they acquired during their time in the service. For… Continue Reading

How to Formulate a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery is one topic that all companies—from startups to multinational corporations—need to consider. When considering how to tackle this ever-important issue at your own organization, you should consider moving your recovery efforts to the cloud. Though cloud-based disaster recovery is still a fairly new approach to disaster recovery, it has already proven to be… Continue Reading

7 of the Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

There is not an enterprise in the world that does not need to think about disaster recovery. At any time, any company can lose their server to external and internal threats. In the wake of such disasters, organizations must have a plan in place that will enable them to access their most crucial information and… Continue Reading

A Look at the Pros and Cons of the Hybrid Cloud

When searching for the right cloud infrastructure for your company, you will need to begin by evaluating the various cloud models that are available to you. An increasing number of organizations have begun turning to the hybrid cloud, a solution that blends the best features of both private and public cloud models. As you would… Continue Reading

7 of the Top Tips for Navigating a Civilian Job Interview

While the ability to successfully navigate a job interview can be a difficult task for anyone, it can be particularly challenging for those making the transition from military to civilian life. Many members of the armed forces have never had to seek civilian employment before and, therefore, have not participated in a standard job interview.… Continue Reading

What You Need to Know about Migrating Workloads to the Cloud

As the popularity of cloud computing continues to surge, more enterprises are beginning to examine the various benefits that they can enjoy by adopting it. Before they can make the most of these advantages, however, organizations must first move their most vital workloads to the cloud. From individual applications to entire operating systems, there are… Continue Reading